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December 28, 2008


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O.o I am, as the English would say, gobsmacked right now.

First off, this piece is gorgeous. Secondly, I'm a little pissed now. I would have much rather seen the sequel of The Crow be this than what we got. >.<

As far as Kill Bill is concerned, isn't it interesting how the boys in Hollywood get these "inspirations" for movies?


im glad that hollywood decided not to continue the story of eric draven.
brandon lee was perfect in that role.
for someone else to follow in brandon's footsteps in the role of the character that he seemed born to play,it would have been career suicide.
im still looking forward to when we can see a female crow up on the big screen personally.

David J

I would LOVE to have seen this get the green light! This is one of the best pieces I've seen from James. Proof that holly'wierd' is full of self important idiots!

-David J


Amazing. I'd really like to see this turned into a story. I bet she'd wipe the floor with Beatrix Kiddo. ;)


I'm sorry for the stupidity that you have to deal with about something like the "Bride" idea. Are those people freaking crazy???
If approached in the Same manner, and with the same charisma that Brandon brought to the role... there's no way that A Female lead... kicking ass (especially in tight leather... or rubber clothing) would not make a fortune.
Damn... I'ld go just for the Fetish effect. And I'm still a fan of the original trilogy.
I think that they messed up big time.


I love the eyes of The Bride. They seem so beautiful.


Gorgeous, like all of James' art. He is & always will be my favorite artist & author. I would have loved his version of a Crow sequel ;) Why don't the studio heads trust the artist/author to get it right? ridiculous!


Great piece... would love to see more. Best wishes for a great 2009 to the 3 of you and your loved ones.

Abbie Herod

Oh wow...so Crowbill was supposed to be a flop, and City of Angels was some kind of raging success with its male lead? Studios are brilliant, just brilliant.


I really think that they should do a version of clash by night. Because it is one of the most powerful and sad crow adaptions ever created. And how much would that hook us fans in to see something that powerful an sad. It would be the most emotional out of all of the films because of the overall story it tells. And it has a female lead so it is different in terms of all the movies.:)

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