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December 16, 2008


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I think the reboot is a horrible idea. The Crow is such a legendary piece of cinema. Why can't Hollywood just stop with all this remake BS?!
I've been a huge fan of the 1st film (sequels, not so much). If they think they'll find an actor to match the passion that Brandon put into that role, they're FN kidding themselves! That film is timeless. They shouldn't touch it... it doesn't even feel like it's out of style. Why try to redo perfection???
If they do remake it, which they probably will, they need to let James O'Barr have a hell of alot of say so... then i'd watch it. If not, then that flick won't even exist to me!



I'm disgusted with the whole thing. Norrington did a good job with Blade and all but The Crow is one movie that really doesn't need to be rebooted, re-made, re-imagined, re-invented or whatever other term they want to use these days. Nothing about the original film is dated. You're not going to find a better Eric Draven than Brandon Lee. How about someone try to make a decent sequel for a change?


why this? all they're gonna do is destroy the original with a sure to be subpar actor playing eric and one of those ugly sick looking wb girls to play shelly. LEAVE THIS ONE UNTOUCHED! remake city of angels with all the original cast - ( thuy trang of course )and the original scrip that got crapped on by miramax. Vincent Perez rocked ass as the crow right up there with brandon but he'll forever be shunned because of the hack up of a movie we received.


why this? all they're gonna do is destroy the original with a sure to be subpar actor playing eric and one of those ugly sick looking wb girls to play shelly. LEAVE THIS ONE UNTOUCHED! remake city of angels with all the original cast - ( thuy trang of course )and the original scrip that got crapped on by miramax. Vincent Perez rocked ass as the crow right up there with brandon but he'll forever be shunned because of the hack up of a movie we received.

Gabriel Vazquez IV

I've been a THE CROW fan since it came out an have done nothing but grown to love it as I age but when I read that they might be doing a "Reboot" I was disgusted and got so pissed I just wanted to break my computer. I've been open minded with all these remakes up till now! THE CROW was suck a perfect movie and it was done so well nobody can recapture it the same way. I wish they would have done a reboot for some of the sequels because those needed help when they came out and they can use some redoing but NOT THE CROW! I don't if they do the one and only Eric Draven is Brandon Lee!

Sam of The Brandon Lee Movement

This is so horrible and disrespectful...words cannot express how disgusting these plans are.

Pressman is obviously driven by greed needs to reconsider selling the film rights.

The Crow film has stood the test of time, and honestly by the sounds of things, Norrington would butcher James's original comic to top it off. Brandon died for this role and he will always be Eric Draven for the passion and what he gave to that role - which was his life.

We have set up a petition to urge PRESSMAN to re-consider the selling of the film rights to Norrington. We would be grateful if anyone else would sign it. We have collected 80 in 24 hours.


Evil H

Anyone who tries to "reenvision" that movie should be beaten to a fuckin pulp.

It's vision, style and moral is hallowed ground to some of folk, myself included.

Adam Becvare

I like the idea.
I remember reading and waiting patiently as each Crow issue was released until summation.
Met with O'barr in 92 after he had just released Charlie Sexton and decided on Brandon Lee as Draven.
When I finally saw The Crow on it's eve of release I remember the disappointment. Although it captured the torment of the Graphic Novel and was incredible on it's own right, the film was just not as real to me as the book.
This Reboot could be very powerful if it were approached realistically as lets say the original OMEN.
I'm all for it and another chance for Obarr's work to be realised.

Ernest Zamora  Jr

Well... I know the original Crow movie will continue to be a legendary film; I will definitely love to see a reboot based more of a page by page of the comic to set it off from the first film. I always wondered how a movie will be if it was much more like the comic, especially with the black and white tones.

Now with reboots like Batman, and others; I think the movie studios are beginning to realize how much more fans love a movie thats more based off the comic's, other than a complete re-write thats not even close to the original.

Either way, I'll enjoy it.

Adam Becvare

I'm All for it.
Think about it.
Draven could get to drive the Plymouth Baracuda with Godzilla Plates and carry that python revolver. Be human until his ghost returns rather than a superhero in matrix wardrobe.
Be a cutter. Embrace the pain of everyday existance that only he can end.


I agree that they should make a quality sequal with new characters, Get people to care about the Crow again.

Jon From Elmwood

Re-boot? Bad
Re-make? Bad
Go back to the comic and do a new adaption? Why not? Could be good... I love the flick, but imagine one even MORE like Mr. O'Barr's comic...
That I would be happy to see.


Reboot?? Bad news. Leave this one untouched!


What the F***?!?!?!

I really don't get it!!! Really!!! Now everyone is doing remakes of good movies that should not be touched!!! First they've done a remake to Batman (whit "The Dark Knight") and now they want to do the same to The Crow?!?!?!

Stop copying ideas!!! Make something new!!! Enough of remakes!!!

I mean... If they would do something like SinCity based on "The Crow Author's Edition" ( http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/thecrow/ ) i would accept it!!! But since I'm sure that they will never make something that perfect... I must say I'm totally against the Remake or whatever they call it... for me is going to be s***!!!


Well i could go on and on about this but why bother this is america and people are going to do what they want and if Mr.O'Barr is not against it then how could we be?but to quote Sam from The Brandon Lee Movement.."15 years ago, The Crow was filmed and when released became an instant cult classic. Actor Brandon Lee lost his life doing this film, in a role that has now become his signature film. The plans by Director Stephen Norrington to re-make the original film, using the same storyline, the name of the character (Eric's surname Draven was created for the original fil), and most likely the same themes, visions and everything else, has angered many fans. The motives are one of greed and artistic ignorance. Trying to change both the feel and look of the original comic should also be protested against. We do not want this vision from Mr Norrington and we as fans will not put pay one cent to see such displays of exploitation.

After several failed attempts at trying to re-invent The Crow franchise, Edward R. Pressman has now decided that trying to re-create the magic of the first film will be enough to draw in profit. The fans do not want this film to be made. The original film has stood the test of time, and forever should be left alone to stand as a lasting memorial to a man who gave his life for this film.



Money greed bastards... I will use all my power to seed free copies of this sacrilegious act of greed.
Why can't Herr Brandons memory rest in peace? It's unbelievable how far some peopple are ready to go in lust of money.

How hard can it be to make your own story if you wanna do movie of this?


I have one thing to say:

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The original "The Crow" film with Brandon Lee was a beautiful masterpiece and is still recognized as the most accurate comic-to-film adaptation of its time. I understand the want for more Crow films, but seriously every sequel that has been made since the original 1994 film as sucked ass and I can see no good coming from a Norrington remake.

I loved Blade, but I just don't see the need to readapt something that was already spectacular to begin with. I also understand that even if 1,000,000 fans posted and said "No." it would most likely have no effect on Norrington's motivations to redo the film. It will however effect those 1,000,000 fans' motivation to see the film.

David J

The ONLY way this will EVER work is to hand James a freakin' camera and say "okay man, film it how you see it". Other than that... Not gonna' work. They might as well dig Brandon up and start selling his bones on ebay with the offical "crow' logo stamped in em'. It's about the same the feeling.

Can hollywood come up with ONE original idea anymore?


I don't see the need for another ramake of a another pre 2000. The 1994 film was good. The sequels were crap. The TV series I never saw, but I heard that it was bad. We don't need any more bad remakes on films that were perfectly fine in the first place.


This shouldnt happen. Nobody can do what Brandon did and i think that Brandon wouldnt like a reboot. Brandon brought his own characteristic to The Crow and the same movie without him wouldnt be right. Ive watched the movie so many times i know every line. But moments in the movie that are great to me wouldnt be without Brandon. No reboot should be done. James should feel the same. Not after Brandon.


To me, it depends on what they are "rebooting."

As a few others have said, if they made a movie closer to the comic, then you know, it could be interesting. I would love to see the comic on the big screen, and feel the same way I felt when I was in the 8th grade and got my hands on the comic book after looking for it forever.

Now, with that said, if they are indeed rebooting the movie, well, *sigh* I am going to scream, loud, and you guys will here it. The best thing I can say is "Somethings are better left alone." (Yes, fellow WoW players, I did just quote the cat lady from Ulduar.) THe movie was good enough, hell, if wal-mart would stock it all year around and not just during halloween, I bet dvd sales would be awesome. They should maybe focus on making a good sequel (Hey, I happened to be the only person on the face of the earth that liked COA and Salvation, wicked prayer was horrid tho) or maybe even a girl crow? I'd love to see that. Though, they are remaking everything, and sadly, these people don't see our teen years, or how much this story impacted our lives, and the people that died to make it, no, all they see is $$ and thats all they seem to care about.


I hope to god that every person who works on this peice of shit dies a slow and painful death. This movie should never be fucked with now had they had said sequel then I might not be pissed off.But they had to say that dreadful word remake. Brandon gave his life for the crow don't remake this masterpeice if not for the fans do it for him.

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