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June 30, 2009


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hey there,
that's great news! will james be doing commissions at the convention? if so, how much are they going for? thanks!

Nickolaus A. Pacione

Hey James -- good to see some of your work up here man. Yeah you might know me from Myspace.com and is there some way to get hold of some of your fan art contributors -- I want them to illustrate the cover for my novella When Angels Wept Blood.

It's got a tone similar to The Crow except it deals with spiritual warfare -- very gothic and violent, the angels still have death wounds on them.

One of the angels is a Goth chick that dies in a hit and run and the other angel is a metalhead that dies in a motorcycle accident. The male character wears a Sacred Warrior shirt (the band are actually friends of mine.)

I give Charon a nasty makeover and he's the villian in the novella. This one is rooted in Greek Mythology. The novella owes a lot to the Crow -- and when I get the novella published it will be dedicated to you because you actually inspired me to write this.

Think This Present Darkness if it was actually written by you instead of Frank E. Peretti. In some ways the novella shares the lost love in death trait with the Crow.

I wanted the thing to be something entirely different and also I want permission to use some of the fan art for my small press magazine if that's cool or actually have them contribute to the illustration to the story an author wrote in there called "The Suicide Man."

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