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January 16, 2010


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David J aka Dragonsforyin

GO JAMES GO! :) This is great news!


Very long awaited news!


OMG!!! FINALLY!!! After so many Years it's going to be published!!!


Would be great that the Author's Edition cover would be the same that appeared in the first book of the first publication of The Crow - The one whit Eric's face!

I once saw an O'Barr's sketch that showed Eric at a junkyard (whit a Danny DeVito-like character) buying pieces to fix his car that was broken for a year - this scene explains a lot! It should never be removed and it will be great to have it back to the book!

Also, there's one thing i never understood: where was Eric's Car during that year?! At the police station?

anyway, The Crow Author's Edition will be something I'll be buying!

Joe rodriguez

Hey James , I wanted to thank you for that day at the corpus Christi convention . I had a great time talking to you and enjoyed sitting at your table. I wanted to say thank you for the great gifts you gave me for my birthday it was unexpected and something didn't have to do but you did. I had a lot of respect for your art and work but I left with an even greater respect for you as a person. The drawing an the time spent talking with you made this my greatest birthday. Thanks. Is there any way I could email you ?

Shaun Kelly

I would like to say how much I enjoyed reading this post. I love it.

On a bad note...

There's been word of a "Crow" remake... why?
A movie based on this specific comic book deserves to stay 'original.'

Brandon Lee? I think nothing can capture the emotion built within a piece of work that made an audience weep every time he showed his death deifying performance...

I would appreciate the reason and nothing less...

Jon from Elmwood

This is AWESOME.
Good luck with the work James! look forward to reading it!


I hope it comes out really soon I can't wait! I AM FREAKING OUT MAN! I was going to buy it recently and saw this news and was like "YEAAAAH!!!!"

Jolene Calderon

omg!i can NOT wait!but i guess i will!lol!super excited can you tell:)

Peter B


James Hemmings

About time....

Bought the single editions first time round on Caliber, was great to finally get 'Death' though when KS printed the 3-set.

James, thank you. For a while, this meant everything, and gave me direction and somewhere to store the pain.



Man, will be tough to do this. When I was 15 in 93 I got the bess cutler auction book. Some pages were as cheap as $350-400 each. A LOT of the pages were sold. Wish I would have got one or a couple at the time, but how much money does a 15 yr old have lol. Hoping for the best though!!!


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