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July 28, 2010


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I am so HAPPY for you!!! Will add some authenticity to the project, will we ever see a bunny munro vs the crow!!??

Jacqueline Milligan

I have always been a fan of James O'barr and had the opportunity to get his The Crow book autographed by him. That was over four years ago, I am located in Detroit, Dearborn area. My book was stolen from my office. Do you think that I could be able to acquire another one when he comes to Michigan? From
a great admirer !!!!


No disrespect to you James but don't you think that this remake is going to put out the wrong type of vibe. Weather we like it or not we are in the era of remakes when it comes to movies and its getting kind of old. Nothing can replace the orginal movie and concept. Please leave it be.


I personally think its disrespectful, specially thinking Brandon died making that film, to even think about a remake, cheapens all that was lost AND learned from our beloved true original version. Dont fix what isnt broken!

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