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February 22, 2011


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The Outsider

This looks amazing; can't wait!


I'm loving the colors!!!!!

Managed Service Seattle

Awesome! Thumbs up for this.

Tim Jamersom

that looks awesome

Nichole L

I'm so sad that I'm unable to watch this, I don't have any android app products. My husband and I are huge fans but not willing to switch to iphone for this. You should make this available to windows phone users as well.

Chris Wheat

I meet James at this past week’s convention, and oddly even though (through the films) I've been a fan of The Crow, I fell in love with the two pieces he had in his portfolio at the convention over Sundown so much that I had to ask him to do a drawing for me of the Zuzu . . . he even agreed to do it at home so he could add color instead of just black and white, which was soooo freaking awesome. . . . but now I feel silly not having gotten ANYTHING related to The Crow while he was there . . . . stupid me lol...but I'd stay the 30 minute conversation I had with him over his portfolio and upcoming new comic series was worth it.

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