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April 07, 2011


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a small question:

Is "The Crow Special Edition" the same as "The Crow Author's Edition"???


I have the same questions, as someguy. Do tell :)


Well, if we pick up the January 16, 2010 news data about the Author's Edition we'll know that:

"It will contain at least 60 pages of new material that no one has ever seen. Half of that are pages that had to be removed for space reasons."

Now, we also know that the difference between SE (special edition) and the Original edition are of 32 new extra pages (amazon info).

This makes one wonder if this 32 pages are the ones that "had to be removed for space reasons" - i surely hope so! - leaving the other 28 pages (of the 60 mentioned) to reworked material (making SE the same as the Author's Edition - because this 28 new pages would not increase the total book page count)

or if this is still not the time when we'll see all the work James ever wanted to put in The Crow...

really would like to know all this before buying the book

James O'Barr

@someguy: According to James, "It is indeed. The brilliant marketing minds at Simon&Schuster say it sells better as a Special Edition."

Danny Grigg

Will the special edition be released in Hardcover in the future?
Preferably an oversized deluxe hardcover edition.
The crow is such a classic graphic novel, it deserves to be released in Hardcover.
PS - I know the original Crow GN was released in Hardcover by Graphitti Designs back in the early 90s.


I agree with Danny. Will we see a hardcover? Please?


I'm hoping for a special edition hardcover as well.

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