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angel1592's graphic

angel1592's graphic

This piece is featured on this artist's DeviantArt gallery here.

At Last I've finished. After many long nights and frustrating hours (lost count of how many) this piece is now complete. After I lost my original to the infamous Blaster Virus (thank god I made A backup) I decided there were a few things missing from the V2 so I went back in just to give it a final touch.
They Are:

Cropped the image

Put a Black Background cause any other colour would look out of place.

Added rain running off the rooftops, did not look right what with it raining and the building being bone dry.

Added rain running off model for same reason as above.

Flowing hair on model cause hey its windy after all.

Added more of building, I thought that after all the time I spent on the building alone it was a shame I had to cut most of it out for the wallpaper version.

Put some back light in.

That and a few other touches but going back to it every now and then I would notice something else that needed touching up.

Glad its now finished, The dates on the building i.e: left & right are dates that mean alot to me, the left date is a time in my life when I was hurt by a loved one many years ago, the date on the right is when I started this piece, this piece means to me that although many years have passed between these times I've grown as a person and learnt that although some things are black & white good & Evil, sometimes there is only Grey.

Because this piece means a lot to me, please be kind.

Sorry everyone that it takes a while to load but if I made it any smaller it would divert from the effect I'm trying to create. Have lost count of the times I've tried to upload this, but hopefully this time it will work.

All created on Photoshop 7 and my trusty if not worn out Wacom tablet.

Can't Rain All The Time...xx


Used with permission