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My name is Kenneth. I am 34, and I am an attorney living and working in Dallas, Texas. My “Crow” tattoo covers my left leg from the ankle to the knee. It was created by Terry Mayo, an incredible artist who owns and runs “Cat Tattoo” in Addison, Texas (Terry can be found on the Web at The piece is a collage from the comic book, bordered by a crow’s head and outstretched wings at the top, and by a ring of bullets at the bottom.

The big images include the famous “chain link” picture, the Skull Cowboy, the masks, and the dance with death. Terry found a way to move seamlessly from one major theme to another, and then completed the piece by adding smaller elements from the comic. In the process, we completely cut a trade paperback version of “The Crow” to pieces for models and inspiration – I recall it as some of the best nights of my life. The piece took about 48 hours to complete over a six month period from November, 94 through June, 95.