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Yet another original from Jon

Yet another original from Jon

Ok, here is the first sketch attached that I had James do for me back on March 14th, 1993, roughly two weeks before Brandon's passing. James was a guest of at a Seattle comic book convention. I had encouraged the promoter to get James here, and it was great to finally meet him in-person. Being in the movie poster business, while it wasn't busy I would leave my table and speak to James about films, etc. He was very gracious to share photos that he took behind the scenes during the filming of The Crow movie. He was really excited and proud of what he had seen. I had asked James if he could do a sketch and he said "Sure, what would you like it to look like" and I mentioned roughly what I wanted. About 30 minutes later he came over to my table and showed me the sketch and said "Is this ok?" and my jaw dropped to the convention floor. It looked like a watercolor painting! Amazing, just amazing. My first sketch from James and it is one of my treasured pieces in my collection.