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Yet another original from Jon

Yet another original from Jon

Soon after obtaining my first sketch from James, I received word that his original artwork from the original Caliber series would be put up for sale through the Bess Cutler Gallery in New York. I quickly got on the phone and received the catalog of what was available. I purchased the first four pages from the Gideon's Pawn Shop Scene from issue #2. Over the years I had to part with three of the four pages, but I kept the page that I always enjoyed from the comic, as it was one of the few pages, if not the only page, where Eric Draven actually smiles in the book. I believe James referred to it as the "lead poisoning page". Before having it professionally framed, I had another opportunity to meet James and I had him autograph the page and he pointed out that the first panel showing Gideon lying dead with the gunshot to his head, how it was censored and the full effect wasn't shown in the comic. So, here it is in all its glory for fellow Crow fans to see. This too is on display in my home office.


[Editor's Note: The original is on the left. The top three panels, described by Jon, are shown in close-up on the right. Enjoy!]