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Another original from Jon

Another original from Jon

This brings us to today, and my latest offering purchased from James, which was at the recent 4th annual Emerald City Comic Convention here in Seattle. It was great to see James again, and finally meet Sarah, who was an absolute joy to talk to. Because I had a booth and was set-up, I wasn't able to talk to James as much as I wanted too, and the fact that he had quite a number of fans talking with him. He was offering a few sketches that he was working on, and I noticed him starting work on a sketch that really caught my eye. He was only in the early pencil sketch stage of it, so I asked if it would be for sale and he said "sure" and I was like "just tell me the price, I want it" and he laughed. I told him not to rush since I had all day at the show and all day Sunday so just said "work on it when you can". I checked with him throughout the day and every time I saw it, I would go back to my table and tell those around me "Oh man, wait until you see this sketch". At the end of the first day, James mentioned he wasn't finished and if it was ok if he could finish it at the hotel and have it tomorrow which was no problem at all. On Sunday I went to pick it up but it was so incredibly detailed, I wasn't even sure it was the right one. I mean, I wasn't even sure if this was something James would even part with! LOL! Sarah assured me it was ok, that it was my sketch, but I had to go back to my table because I had customers gathering so came back when James was at the table and it gave me a chance to thank him again. I also noticed someone else at the show took a photo of James working on the sketch which has also appeared on James site, so it was cool to see a photo of James actually doing the sketch, which I never would have thought of doing. I wanted to get another, but I know James was swamped so I figure I could get one through the site or maybe get a painting, which is something I have always wanted. So this it the latest sketch, but not the last....