> James O'Barr's Artwork (Fan Contributed)

from HeroCon 2006
Another HeroCon 2006 sketch
45 Caliber Argument
Herocon 2006
Jon's original sketch
Woman in Need of Cheese
A Beautiful Darkness
Mother Mary, Watch Over Me
Fear Smiling
Clint Eastwood - Four Coffins
And I almost believe that you're real (Pictures of you)
This Perfect Day
The Final Solution - Cutting through the Pain
Dying Alone and Unloved
Assembly of Dust
The Scarecrow's Bastard Stepchild
Susie, Dr.Zaius, and The Vibrating Man
Mercury on Silvered Glass
The Night Watchman for Lost Souls
José's original
Bill's original drawing in his class yearbook!
Favour of the Moon
I am come to kill thee
Soul Mates
Broken Bits
Brian's Crow journal
Under the Overpass
Brian's original
Joshua's original
Jennifer's original
Sharon's original
Darieum's original James O'Barr artwork
Joey's sketch
The Kiss by James O'Barr