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Dying Alone and Unloved

Dying Alone and Unloved

"Dying Alone and Unloved"
Sold on Ebay auction, Dec 06 for $177.50
8x11 piece of artwork, Pentel Brush, w/Minor Zig Pen Work on sketch paper

"I've a fascination, ever since visiting countless European graveyards, with these beautiful sad female angels. Some of the most sensual marble sculptures I've ever seen adorn the grave sites of the deceased in Vienna, France and Germany. If you have the opportunity to visit some of these "Off the tourist track" locations, they are celebrations of life and not just "reserved parking" signs for the dead that the U.S. seems content with . My brother in arms and art John Bergin has promised to sculpt mine (If he outlives me!)

"Dying Alone and Unloved; my fear is. Isn't that everyone's?"