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6x11 Charcoal Vellum, India Ink, Prismacolor Pencils

I was reading a really fascinating book about angels, it described the enigma of these non human entities from myth to bible and popular culture, and one of the most interesting accounts is how the angels live not in heaven but in rings, or fields, surrounding the earth. In bible lore angels are sexless beings but artists have invariably given them genders over the centuries. One of the races of angels, called the Elizium, mated with humans to bring forth monstrous giants called Nephilim, half man/half Angel.

Honestly this started out to be a smoky portrait of 40's film star Rita Hayworth, but the dark gray paper really lends itself to atmospherics and it morphed into a sad but alluring angel, working on toned paper is pretty much the opposite of Pen & Ink - The shadows are present already and you pull out the light with white (or pastel) pencil. I added some blue to give the pillar a marble feel, and it evolved into a nice striking pose.


[Editor's note: This piece sold on James' eBay store.]