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Favour of the Moon

Favour of the Moon

This is what James wrote on the back of this piece:

“Favour of the Moon”

“….The moon filled the valley with a phosphorescent atmosphere, like a luminous poison; and all this living light thought and said; “My kiss shall be upon you forever, you shall be beautiful as I am beautiful; You shall love that which I love and which loves me; Water and clouds, night and silence; The vast green sea: The formless and multiform water; The place where you shall never be; The lover whom you shall never hold; Unnatural flowers; Perfumes which madden; Cats that swoon on top of pianos and whimper like women in hoarse, sweet voices.”

There was a man who drowned trying to kiss the Moon’s reflection in the dark river of love,

JOB – Aug 18 2007

To paraphrase Michael Angelo; “Sometimes the image is there, trapped in the deep whiteness of the blank page and you have to chip away at it in tiny black lines to set it free.” This is one of those images, and 10,000 lines plus 10,000 on top of those lines and now it breathes and moves. All the best stories are born in Shadow; Darkness, and it’s half-brother Moonlight.

James O’Barr

[Editor's note: This piece was sold on James' eBay store.]