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"Floodland" or "What Unamed Threat Lay Cottened There in the Soft Shadows?"
9x12 piece of artwork, Zig Permanent Pens and Pentel Brushes on Bristol Board and 30 years of horrific sightseeing across the world's ghetto.

"Aside from being the most depressive, ugly, atmospheric drawing I've done all year, this was a guilty joy to draw - literally dripping with dread and melancholy, it has a visual silence (I could almost hear the corpse filled river gently flowing past with it's rotting gifts). It is full of unnamed mystery and unspoken story. Who is the trench coated vampire, with the .50 Caliber Sharps Rifle? What is the significance of the happy sock doll (it's head burst with stuffing, brain arched out). What death reached out to claim all the decaying populace of this now dead farm? Who flung those arrows into the vampires heart and why doesn't he care? Was this his home? Is that his heartache? There are a half dozen really good story threads in this solitary drawing. And that is what adds depth and mystery amid all the grey gloom. That is what makes a good drawing a great one. When the viewer leaves the image with a hundred unanswered questions that he probably doesn't really want the answers to. A great drawing is a car crash that you cannot look away from, no matter how tragic or violent the scene. It's like waking up from a really good nightmare with an image flash frozen in your head but you can't remember what lead you there, what occurred, to focus that image in your consciousness."

-JOBarr, November 2006