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Sold at Ebay auction, Dec 4 for $127.50
9 x 12 216 Millenium Pens & Pentel Brush on Bristol Board.

"It seemed like forever but at conventions, fans would for the most part, want violent, blood spattered, gun blazing drawings. While they do serve a purpose and can be pretty dynamic, I always felt The Crow was a love story told through a veil of smoky atmosphere; and that by only focusing on the revenge subplot, people were missing the entire reason for the book (and movie) - which is essentially a love letter to someone absent. This past season I tried to do as few gun pictures as possible, and steer towards the romantic gothic elements that make The Crow more than Mad Max with zombies.

I like drawings that reflect a mood, or just give you some unspecific feeling, an atmosphere. I like this sketch. It looks like silence. Eric sitting in an empty room at sunset waiting for someone that will never arrive.

"Isolation" is a song by Joy Division and though I haven't really played those records for years, I still hear this song in my head whenever I draw Eric. I suspect it is his theme song."