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Mother Mary, Watch Over Me

Mother Mary, Watch Over Me

"Mother Mary, Watch Over Me"

11x14, India Ink and Zig Permanent Pens on Bristol Board.

One of the nice things about being an artist is that on birthdays and holidays you can give someone a gift that no other person in the world will get, it is a one of kind personal present. Unique and special and hopefully something that person likes or admires.

I'd done an angel sketch at one of those live benefit auctions where people bid on the art as they watch you draw it. One of our friends really loved the drawing but missed out on the bidding. For the next six months she vigorously tried to commission another sketch from me but I remained uncommitted (as I had other plans). For Christmas I planned on painting her an angel portrait and as I sketched around for an appropriate pose I noticed that this drawing had a really nice composition even though it was only a random grouping of images. I settled on a pose and decided to also ink this sketch and add some Earth, Wind, Water, Air backgrounds differentiating the angels into small frames. I really like the lower left angel and the fish. I remember reading about a Virgin Mary statue that was lost at sea several hundreds years ago and recently rediscovered, sitting upright and holding court among the souls of the deep blue, where it was wisely left as a gift for all the lost seafarers who never made their home ports.

-JOBarr, Dec 2006-inked Jan 2007

[Editor's note: This piece was sold on James' eBay store.]