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Sold at Ebay Auction, Dec 4 for $75.00
9 x 12 Sable Brush and Black Magic India Ink.
Fine line work W/Zig Pens, on Bristol Board.

"I had originally drawn this to color for a friend, (Robert, who makes all our hand etched glass ware), who has a thing for classy red heads, (or trashy...) but by the time I finished with all the brush work and shadows, there just wasn't enough uninked hair to paint. I was going to paint the dress jade green to compliment the red hair, (with a line of embroidered flame climbing the left side of her gown), but realized at some point, this would work better as a black and white piece. I like the dry brush work on the sheets and the pose is very 1940s' starlet film noir, which of course, can only be in black and white."