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The Final Solution - Cutting through the Pain

The Final Solution - Cutting through the Pain

"The Final Solution - Cutting through the pain"
Sold at Ebay auction, Dec 14 for $151.00
Zig Permanent Pen, Pentel Brush on Vellum Bristol Board.

"I often get questioned about the scene in The Crow where Eric cuts up his arms with a straight razor (In the film this was edited as too touchy a subject, but they did include the electrical tape bandage he puts on afterwards!?) and honestly it stems from the years directly after Shelly's death where the only relief from emotional pain I could get was physical pain. I would walk through my apartment crying and breaking things until my hands were a throbbing bloody mess. On one extreme occasion I staggered down a hallway smashing the glass and picture frames leaving a cut halfway up my forearm that could've used about 100 stitches. But in my depressed state I used (you guessed it) electrical tape to hold the cuts closed. I've since read that auto-mutilation (its proper term) is really quite common to people in emotional distress - burning, cutting, piercing, and pulling out hair are all types of depressive escapism. It supposedly gives one a sense of control to a life that seems total chaos. I knew a girl who literally had a constellation of cigarette burns around her ankles. I finally stopped because the only true release from my psychic hurt came from writing and drawing, and you can't do that with hands swollen like a catcher's mitt. Besides, it's not cool to hurt yourself (including drugs & alcohol) or stand by while someone in your life does it. It's a red flag that someone is in terrible pain and needs help.

With this drawing I tried to capture the fleeting moments of peace and silence that follow one of these episodes. I hesitantly put the red in the drawing because I was afraid some of the newer Crow fans might think he was "texting" someone on a cell phone, but it does pull the viewer eye straight to what's occurring amid all the chaotic cross hatching and the distractions of the tabby and rug and reeling paint. And please, once again, if you know someone in pain don't stand back in shock or apathy - it's your duty as a human being to be compassionate and help."